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Government of Rajasthan
Labour Department's Web Portal for Online Application for Registration/License, payment & issuance of certificate. Labour Department Management System (Online Application)
Government of Rajasthan
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Government of Rajasthan
Factories & Boilers Department's Web Portal for Online Application for Registration/License, payment & issuance of certificate. RajFAB (Online Application)
Government of Rajasthan

Telephone Directory

S.No. Officer Name Designation Office DOB Contact No. Email ID
1. SHRI RAJESH KUMAR YADAV Secretary Jaipur 09/12/1973 0141-2227061
2. DR. PRITHVI Labour Commissioner Jaipur 16/08/1974 0141-2450781
3. Sh. CBS Rathore Add. LC(Headquarter) & Jt.Secy.(Labour) Jaipur 08/03/1960 0141-2450793
4. Sh. Patanjali Bhu Add. LC & Jt.Secy(BOCW Welfare Board) Jaipur 28/04/1963 9414166766
5. Sh. Patanjali Bhu Add. LC IR(additional Charge) Jaipur 28/04/1963 9414166766
6. Suresh Kumar Jangid ACP(Dy Director) Jaipur 15/06/1964 8094000809
7. Sh. Pradeep Kumar Jha Deputy Labour Commissioner Jaipur 25/06/1967 9414334024
8. Sh. Ashok Jain Assistant Labour Commissioner (Law) Litigation Jaipur 07/07/1960 9413923610
9. Smt. Sharda Agarwal Assistant Labour Commissioner( IR) Jaipur 14/02/1959 9828144064
10. Sh. Dharmpal Singh Joint Labour Commissioner Jaipur 01/01/1966 9460548562
11. Sh. Santosh Prasad Sharma Addl. charge (Jt. LC (Law)) Jaipur 02/06/1962 9414796399
12. Sh. Santosh Prasad Sharma Deputy Labour Commissioner(Adm) Jaipur 06/02/1962 9414796399
13. Sh. Kailash Bairwa OS Jaipur 27/12/1957 9829262384
14. Ms.Shamita Jain Labour Welfare Officer Jaipur 18/08/1992 7737281033
15. Sh. G P Kukreti Joint Labour Commissioner Udaipur 25/06/1962 9413855249
16. Sh. Chain Singh Shekhawat Assistant Labour Commissioner Sikar 07/01/1963 9461536519
17. Sh. Dharmpal Singh Deputy Labour Commissioner Jaipur 01/01/1966 9460548562
18. Sh. Sunil Kumar Yadav Deputy Labour Commissioner Alwar 25/08/1986 9549075880
19. Sh. Vikram Singh Labour Welfare Officer Dausa 05/04/1989 9929696110
20. Sh. Aruna Sharma Labour Welfare Officer Jhunjhunu 09/06/1981 8949364883
21. Sh. Suresh C Sharma Joint Labour Commissioner Jodhpur 11/08/1963 9414352123
22. Sh. Banshidhar Labour Welfare Officer Sirohi 07/07/1958 9413428783
23. Sh. Ruparam Mahela Assistant Labour Commissioner Barmer 03/04/1958 9414672617
24. Sh. Ashok Kumar Asija (Uit Dept.) Labour Welfare Officer Jaisalmer 02/01/1969 9413381666
25. Sh. Anupam Gaur Joint Labour Commissioner Ajmer 19/09/1962 9351314767
26. Sh.S.S. Broka Assistant Labour Commissioner Ajmer 24/06/1959 9828370777
27. Sh SANKET MODI Labour Welfare Officer Bhilwara 10/07/1987 8053115665
28. Sh.Bhoora Ram Godara Assistant Labour Commissioner Nagaur 07/05/1959 9414414745
29. Sh. S. S. Broka Assistant Labour Commissioner Tonk 02/07/1970 9828370777
30. Sh. Abdul Salaam Kazi Labour Welfare Officer Bikaner 11/06/1960 9414264596
31. Sh. Amar Chand Deputy Labour Commissioner Sri-Ganganagar 05/08/1990 7742064898
32. Sh. Rakesh Choudhary Labour Welfare Officer(Addl. CHARGE) Churu 24/12/1960 9460356899
33. Sh. Gajendar Singh Labour Welfare Officer Hanumangarh 24/12/1960 9414095164
34. Sh. Pradeep Jha Joint Labour Commissioner Kota 25/06/1967 9414334024
35. Sh. Sunil K. Sharma Labour Welfare Officer Jhalawar 02/09/1960 9413733314
36. Sh.Deepak Yadav Labour Welfare Officer Bundi 01/01/1990 9468781138
37. Sh. Anil Agarwal Labour Welfare Officer Baran 02/07/1959 9414329901
38. Sh. G P Kukreti DLC (ADD. CHARGE) Chittorgarh 25/06/1962 9413855249
39. Sh. Dilip Rokadia Assistant Labour Commissioner Banswara 29/06/1959 9461013357
40. Sh. Ashkaran Malviya Labour Welfare Officer Rajsamand 29/11/1988 8112241890
41. Sh. Raghuvir Singh Poonia Deputy Labour Commissioner Jodhpur 22/06/1958 9413713030
42. Sh. Vipin Chaudhary Labour Welfare Officer Pratapgarh 25/12/1989 8447318804
43. Sh. O.P. Sahran Joint Labour Commissioner Bharatpur 10/10/1970 9413060194
44. Sh. Shiv Charan Meena Labour Welfare Officer Dholpur 03/06/1989 9983472010
45. Smt. Anju Sharma Assistant Labour Commissioner SawaiMadhopur 06/09/1967 9413340281
46. Sh. Shiv Dayan Solanki Labour Welfare Officer Karauli 02/07/1984 9571290324
47. Sh. P. P. Sharma Deputy Labour Commissioner Bhilwara 24/04/1963 9414511108
48. Sh. Anand Sudhar Assistant Labour Commissioner Jalore 21/06/1971 9414284939
49. Sh. Prakash Chandra Sharma (Deo) Labour Welfare Officer Dungarpur 15/07/1963 9116038171
50. Sh. Suresh Chand Sharma Deputy Labour Commissioner Pali 08/11/1963 9414352123

Registration Procedure Inspection Third party/self certification Abolition of Bonded Labour System (Resource Material)
Registration/Renewal Procedure and Timeline Inspection Procedure Third party Certification
Revised emitra rate for online application submission on LDMS effective from 01-10-2018Seniority list of Senior Assistant dated 26-09-2018Seniority list of Addl. Administration Officer dated 26-09-2018Cancellation of appointment Order of Labour InspectorsFinal Seniority List of Officersपदोन्‍नति आदेशPosting/Transfer OrderPosting/Transfer OrderTransfer/Posting Order of LWOAdditional Labour Commissioner Seniority List as on dated 01-04-2018Assistant Labour Commissioner Seniority List as on dated 01-04-2018Deputy Labour Commissioner Seniority List as on dated 01-04-2018Joint Labour Commissioner Seniority List on dated 01-04-2018labour Welfare officers Seniority list on dated 01-04-2018Revised Minimum Wages Effective From 01-01-2018Extension of Duty Joining to Sh. Deepak VyasNot Joining Duty by Labour InspectorNotice for not joining duty by Labour inspectorsNotice for not joining duty by Labour inspectorslabour day (1 May 2018)Office Oder For Appointment And Posting of Labour Inspector Deepak VyasOffice Order for Posting of Labour Inspector Imran khanTransfer Order of OfficersRevised Posting Order of Labour InspectorsPosting Order of Labour InspectorAdditional Charge to Labour InspectorsRevised Office Order of 14646-52 dated 08.09.2017Office Order Regarding Extension of joining Period To Newly Appointed Labour InspectorsAppointment order of Labour Welfare OfficersPosting order of Labour InspectorsProgress ReportList of Chairman / Members of The Boards / Committees 22-03-2016
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Fees and Checklist Inspection Circular Third Party Agencies
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You are invited to use Labour Dept. Management System (LDMS)/Rajasthan Factory and Boiler Management System (RajFAB) .
Total Online Transactions on LDMS : 3,499,092
Total Online Payment on LDMS : Rs.- 268,528,872
Total Received Applications on LDMS : 402,718
Total Pending Applications at Department : 1,119
Total Applications Pending with Citizen on LDMS : 11,703
Total Disposed Applications on LDMS : 389,896
Total Inspection conducted under new framework on LDMS/RajFab : 4,908
Total Online approval of licenses/certificates on RajFab : 6,413
Total Number of customers e-Mail received : 27,487

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