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Factories & Boilers Department's Web Portal for Online Application for Registration/License, payment & issuance of certificate. RajFAB (Online Application)
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Inspection Procedure, Architecture and Checklist

Central Inspection Architecture
1. Responsible Inspection 2. Quality and Transparency 3. Check lists available for all
4.Random Selection of Establishments 5.Random Selection of Inspectors 6. Monthly exercise to allocate Establishments to Inspectors (Randomization)
7.Matrix based risk assessment 8. No Inspector to inspect same Establishment twice 9.Joint Inspection by Labour and Factory/Boiler Inspectors
10. Uploading of Inspection Report in 48 hours 11. Audit trail to indicate status 12. Accountability colour coding in case of default
13. Innovative third party option 14. Specific exemption for Startups 15. Quick response to suggestions

1. Industrial and commercial establishments and factories are alloted to Inspectors by computer in LDMS web application in randomized manner based on computerized risk assessment, based on risk profile (such as High, Medium and Low risk- View Circular (Hindi/English/Japanese)) of industrial and commercial establishments, targeted to provide streamlined compliance for these establishments on the basis of relative risk.

2. Jurisdiction of each Inspector is geographical area of the entire Division. Inspector cannot inspect same industrial and commercial establishment twice consecutively.

3. Inspector has to carryout synchronized/joint inspection of industrial and commercial establishment, along with Factory Inspector, who inspects the same factory under Factories Act, 1948, under the following labour laws - View Circular (Hindi/English/Japanese) Refer Pt. 15
  • The Equal Remuneration Act, 1976
  • The Factories Act, 1948
  • The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961
  • The Minimum Wages Act, 1948
  • The Shops and Commercial Establishments Act (if applicable)
  • The Labour Welfare Fund Act (if applicable)
  • The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965
  • The Payment of Wages Act, 1936
  • The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
  • The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970

4. Surprise inspections are allowed only on the basis of complaints received and subject to prior approval from the Head of Department - View Circular (Hindi/English/Japanese) Refer Pt. 15.

5. Every Inspector shall make a physical visit to establishment, mentioned in the list generated by LDMS web application in randomized manner on the basis of risk assessment.
  • Every Inspector of the Department will prepare an inspection note at the site in the proforma prescribed and as per check list available on departmental website.
  • This inspection report should be shown to the manger or any other representative/responsible person, in whose presence inspection has been carried out and his signature shall be obtained at the end of the inspection note.
  • In case person concerned (representative of employer) refuses to sign on the inspection note prepared on the spot (at the Factory/Establishment premises), a note about this should be marked by Inspector at the end of inspection note.
6. Inspector has to submit inspection report online on within 48 hours so that the Management of the establishment may download the inspection report using their LDMS login password. - View Circular (Hindi/English/Japanese) Refer Pt. 2

7. Inspection Checklist

8. View Inspection Circular (Hindi/English/Japanese) dated 27-10-2015

9. View Circular (Hindi/English/Japanese) dated 27-05-2016 for
  • Classification of industrial and commercial establishments as per high, medium and low risk
  • Third Party Certification for medium risk industrial and commercial establishments,
  • Allocation of Inspectors to Industrial and Commercial Establishments
  • Self certification by low risk Industrial and Commercial Establishments,
  • Jurisdiction of Inspectors as Division
10. Download prescribed proforma of Inspection note

Registration Procedure Inspection Third party/self certification Abolition of Bonded Labour System (Resource Material)
Registration/Renewal Procedure and Timeline Inspection Procedure Third party Certification
Revised emitra rate for online application submission on LDMS effective from 01-10-2018Seniority list of Senior Assistant dated 26-09-2018Seniority list of Addl. Administration Officer dated 26-09-2018Cancellation of appointment Order of Labour InspectorsFinal Seniority List of Officersपदोन्‍नति आदेशPosting/Transfer OrderPosting/Transfer OrderTransfer/Posting Order of LWOAdditional Labour Commissioner Seniority List as on dated 01-04-2018Assistant Labour Commissioner Seniority List as on dated 01-04-2018Deputy Labour Commissioner Seniority List as on dated 01-04-2018Joint Labour Commissioner Seniority List on dated 01-04-2018labour Welfare officers Seniority list on dated 01-04-2018Revised Minimum Wages Effective From 01-01-2018Extension of Duty Joining to Sh. Deepak VyasNot Joining Duty by Labour InspectorNotice for not joining duty by Labour inspectorsNotice for not joining duty by Labour inspectorslabour day (1 May 2018)Office Oder For Appointment And Posting of Labour Inspector Deepak VyasOffice Order for Posting of Labour Inspector Imran khanTransfer Order of OfficersRevised Posting Order of Labour InspectorsPosting Order of Labour InspectorAdditional Charge to Labour InspectorsRevised Office Order of 14646-52 dated 08.09.2017Office Order Regarding Extension of joining Period To Newly Appointed Labour InspectorsAppointment order of Labour Welfare OfficersPosting order of Labour InspectorsProgress ReportList of Chairman / Members of The Boards / Committees 22-03-2016
Approval Procedure Inspection Checklist Self Certification Schemes
Fees and Checklist Inspection Circular Third Party Agencies
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