Hon'ble Chief Minister
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Shri Ashok Gehlot

Hon'ble Labour Minister
Hon'ble Labour Minister
Shri Sukhram Vishnoi

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Seniority List

S.No. Name Order Date Download File
1. Seniority list Ministerial Staff 2021 14/03/2023
2. Seniority list Ministerial Staff 2020 14/03/2023
3. Seniority list Ministerial Staff 2019 14/03/2023
4. Seniority list Ministerial Staff 2018 14/03/2023
5. Seniority list Ministerial Staff 2017 14/03/2023
6. Seniority list Ministerial Staff 2016 14/03/2023
7. Seniority list Ministerial Staff 2015 14/03/2023
8. Retirement order of 2023-24 11/01/2023
9. Fixation order of LI Shir Jai Aditya Kumar LI 19/07/2022
10. LWO Seniority List 2021 12/07/2022
11. LWO Seniority List 2020 12/07/2022
12. Add LC Senority List 2022 12/07/2022
13. JLC Seniority List 2022 12/07/2022
14. Provisional Seniority List JLC 06/06/2022
15. Provisional Seniority List AdLC 06/06/2022
16. Provisional Seniority List LWO 01-04-2021 06/06/2022
17. Provisional Seniority List Lwo 01-04-2020 06/06/2022
18. Provisional Seniority List Lwo 01-04-2022 06/06/2022
19. seniority list PS 27/05/2022
20. Senioriy list APS 27/05/2022
21. Final Seniority List of Fourth Class Employees 2022 18/05/2022
22. LI Final Seniority List 2022 10/05/2022
23. Fourthclass Employee provisional Seniority List 1 april 2022 26/04/2022
24. Steno final Seniority List 26/04/2022
25. Asstt administrative Officer final Seniority List 26/04/2022
26. Sr assistant final Seniority List 26/04/2022
27. Addl Administartive Officer Final Seniority List 26/04/2022
28. Driver final Seniority List 26/04/2022
29. Jr Assistant final Seniority List 2022 26/04/2022
30. Fourth Class Employee seniority List 2021 21/04/2022
31. Labour Inspector Provisional Seniority List 18/04/2022
32. Provisional Seniority List Asstt Administrative Officer 06/04/2022
33. SA Seniority List 05/04/2022
34. JA Seniority List 05/04/2022
35. Driver Seniority List 05/04/2022
36. Provisional seniority list Addl Administrative Officer 04/04/2022
37. Provisional seniority List Stenographer 04/04/2022
38. Final Seniority List of Peon 2020 30/03/2022
39. Final Provisional Seniority List Of Peon 2021 30/03/2022
40. Promotion order 26/11/2021
41. Seniority List Additional Labour Commissioner 02/07/2021
42. Seniority List Joint Labour Commissioner 02/07/2021
43. Seniority List Assistant Labour Commissioner 02/07/2021
44. Final Seniority List Of Ll 2021 08/06/2021
45. Provisional seniority list drive 08/04/2021
46. Provisional seniority list steno 08/04/2021
47. Provisional seniority list Labour Inspector 08/04/2021
48. Provisional seniority list assistant admin officer 08/04/2021
49. Provisional seniority list addl admin officer 08/04/2021
50. Provisional seniority list junior assistant 08/04/2021
51. Provisional seniority list senior assistant 08/04/2021
52. labour Welfare officers Tentative Seniority List 18/08/2020
53. Final Seniority List Of LI 2020 02/06/2020
54. Labour Inspectors Seniority List 16/08/2019
55. Provisional seniority list of AAO 22/04/2019
56. Provisional seniority list of class four employee 22/04/2019
57. Provisional seniority list of steno 22/04/2019
58. Provisional seniority list of personal assistant 22/04/2019
59. Provisional seniority list of vehicle driver 22/04/2019
60. Seniority list of Senior Assistant dated 26-09-2018 28/09/2018
61. Seniority list of Addl. Administration Officer dated 26-09-2018 28/09/2018
62. Final Seniority List of Officers 02/08/2018
63. Additional Labour Commissioner Seniority List as on dated 01-04-2018 18/07/2018
64. Assistant Labour Commissioner Seniority List as on dated 01-04-2018 18/07/2018
65. Deputy Labour Commissioner Seniority List as on dated 01-04-2018 18/07/2018
66. Joint Labour Commissioner Seniority List on dated 01-04-2018 18/07/2018
67. labour Welfare officers Seniority list on dated 01-04-2018 18/07/2018
68. Seniority List LI 2018 23/05/2018
69. Seniority List LI 2017 22/05/2017
Registration Procedure Inspection Third party/self certification Abolition of Bonded Labour System (Resource Material)
Registration/Renewal Procedure and Timeline Inspection Procedure Third party Certification
Additonal Charge Order of L.I. Shri Budhramwithdrawal of Order of Additional ChargeMan with machine tender 2023Appointment Order of New L.I. Shri Prakash Chand SainiRequirement for Cleaning or Sweeping the OfficeREqurement for computer printer MFP scannerRequirement of Man with MachineCivil List Labour DepartmentAdditional Charge Order L.I. Postअर्धन्यायिक कार्य के आदेश Additional charge ordersCancellation of Transfer Orderनिविदा सम्बन्धी सूचनाExtension Order Of Shri Girraj Meena, StenographerOffice Order of Ministerial Staff Cadre Reorganisation- 202217.09.2022 का सवैतनिक अवकाशBid Cancellation OrderCancellation of Transfer Orderलेबर हेल्पलाइन संचालित करने हेतु निविदा आमन्त्रणTender for Air ConditionerTender for Computer and PrintersTransfer order of Sh. Shankar Lal Balai LIL.I transfer OrderDocument verification of selected candidates for Steno Exam 2018Transfer list of gazette officers Transfer List of Ministerial StaffTransfer List Of Gazetted OfficerFixation Order of Shri Jai Aaditya Kumar, L.I.Termination of Appointment Order of Shri Vinay Kumar Yadav (Labour Inspector)Minimum Wages Notification, 2022Noc_Circular_dated_07/06/2022Extension Order of Vinay KumarTermination letter of Kunal KamraTermination letter of Manohar LalTermination letter of Ajeet Singh RathorLI confirmation orderNotice Of L.I. Shri Vinay Kumar YadavNotice Of L.I. Shri Ajit Singh RathoreNotice Of L.I. Shri Kunal KamraNotice Of L.I. Shri Manohar LalRegardin APAR of Financial Year 2021-221 मई २०२२ को श्रमिक दिवस के उपलक्ष में सवेतनिक अवकाश बाबत Scholarship Date extend till 30/06/2022उत्तर प्रदेश /पंजाब राज्य विधानसभा चुनाव 2022 के दिन संवेतनिक अवकाश Minimum wages intention 2022Notice inviting tender for trained men with machineशुभशक्ति योजना के लंबित आवेदनों के निस्तारण के संबंद मेंApplication and Certificate Required for Labour Inspector JoiningAppointment Order of Labour Inspector RAS/RTS Exam.2018मतदान दिवस पर संवेतनिक अवकाश मतदान दिवस पर सवेतनिक अवकाश Joining Report of Labour CommissionerLABOUR DEPARTMENT OF RAJASTHAN CHILD LABOUR S.O.P 12/10/2021Aachar Sanhita 28/09/2021scholarship date extended 31/10/2021Labour holiday 17/09/2021Minimum Wages Notification 30/07/2021LDC 2018 Appointment orderWages Code Rules 2021Lok adalatमुख्यमंत्री चिरंजीवी स्वास्थ्य बीमा योजनाRashtriya Lok Adalat Dated 10.04.2021.minimum wages notification(Intention),2021Retirement Order Of Labour Inspector Sushma Sharma
Approval Procedure Inspection Checklist Self Certification Schemes
Fees and Checklist Inspection Circular Third Party Agencies
Verify Registration No./License No./Application Status

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You are invited to use Labour Dept. Management System (LDMS)/Rajasthan Factory and Boiler Management System (RajFAB) .
Total Online Transactions on LDMS : 9,724,582
Total Online Payment on LDMS : Rs.- 779,631,728
Total Received Applications on LDMS : 550,960
Total Pending Applications at Department : 901
Total Applications Pending with Citizen on LDMS : 30,788
Total Disposed Applications on LDMS : 519,271
Total Inspection conducted under new framework on LDMS/RajFab : 5,208
Total Online approval of licenses/certificates on RajFab : 6,813
Total Number of customers e-Mail received : 35,487
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Nodal Officer(OIC Website): Sh. Patanjali Bhu
Addl. Labour Commissioner(Headquarter)
Phone: 0141-2450793  
Email: labour[dot]support[at]rajasthan[dot]gov[dot]in
To get more information about Construction Workers Services/Schemes
please contact:- 0141-2222961/0141-2222861/0141-2220334


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